Six Basic Types of Social Media (And Which Is Best For You)


Talentovaný americký guru hotelového marketingu, Josiah Mackenzie, vám tentokrát prináša prehľad  najvýznamnejších sociálnych sietí na internete a praktické tipy ako tieto trendové komunikačné kanály využiť v rámci marketingovej stratégie vášho hotela.



Type 1: Social Networks

What it is: A online community of people that share interests
Examples: Facebook, MySpace
Suggested use for the hotel marketer: Facilitate discussion and brand awareness through groups, profiles, and participation

Type 2: Blogging (and Microblogging)

What it is: A journal-style website of frequently updated information (microblogging is publishing brief text messages)
Examples: Wordpress, Twitter
Suggested use for the hotel marketer: Communicate information about your hotel or surrounding area (as a travel destination)

Type 3: Social Bookmarking

What it is: Allows users to save and share web pages they find
Examples:, Digg
Suggested use for the hotel marketer: Configure your blog or website to enable visitors to spread important content



Type 4: Media Sharing

What it is: Enables the sharing of photos and videos
Examples: Flickr, YouTube
Suggested use for the hotel marketer: Take photos and video from your hotel, and publish them to media sharing sites for increased visibility


Type 5: Social Reviews

What it is: Allows travelers to review hotels (potential guests can use this to make their travel plans)
Examples: Yelp, TripAdvisor
Suggested use for the hotel marketer: Find out what guests are saying about your hotel, and respond with solutions as needed.  89% of US buyers read online reviews, so it’s important to be aware of what they’re saying about you.

Type 6: User Generated Content (UGC)

What it is: Travel guides written by the end users
Examples: WikiTravel, World66
Uses for the hotel marketer: The opportunity to be involved in writing your city’s visitor guide
How do you choose which types of social media to get involved in?  Most likely you’ll use a mix, but it depends on who you’re trying to reach.

by Josiah Mackenzie on September 11, 2008


About the author
Josiah Mackenzie is a “new media pragmatist” according to Hotel News Now. He enjoys performing internet marketing experiments, using research to find out what really works.
Josiah has designed highly profitable new media campaigns for firms throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Josiah’s understanding of international business was developed while studying at the Dublin Business School, and perfected through dozens of marketing tests performed for clients around the world.





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